Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Android Mobile internet settings APN

Android OS APN settings

Android OS APN settings or internet settings usually automatically appear in configuration as soon as you insert your sim card and switch on your phone.
However sometimes these settings does not appear automatically, and unlike your Symbian OS phone, like your Nokia, these setting may not be configured by sending an sms request to your service provider.

What you do in that situation is that you can set them up manually, here how:

Firstly take out your sim card(which you are use with your android phone) and place it in a normal Symbian(Nokia) or Bada(Samsung) phone, then request the internet settings from your service provider like you normally do by sending an sms, once you receive them install them.

Now you need to go to internet setting/browser setting in your normal phone look for profiles, these are your internet settings. There you will see the settings for example if you use vodafone then you will find Vodafone Live or if you are using aircel you will find Pocket Internet or for airtel you will find airtel live and etc etc etc This settings are called APN which is short for Access Point Name. These are your internet settings, there will also be some GPRS settings and MMS setting, like Mobile Office for airtel, AircelGPRS for sircel, etc etc etc.
Note this setting are at different places on different phones, you may need to look around in your phones settings to find them.
To run internet only internet APN setting are required but if you want to run GPRS services like using internet for other programs or apps on your phone(which is required for an Android OS) you need GPRS settings.
And so you need you MMS setting if you wish to send and receive MMS.

Now need to go to edit option here you will find the details of settings like
Access name/APN name
Set name/profile Name
proxy/proxy address

Write all these setting on paper.
(Note there will be other things as well like username, server, etc. You don't need to copy that)

Now take out the sim card and place it into your android phone, once started go to settings, there you will find Wireless & Networks settings here look for mobile networks. Inside you may find GSM options here click on it and you will see an option called Access Point Names or simply APNs(or inside mobile networks you will find Access Point Name). Inside this option, click on menu button and then click New APN.

Now here you will see the same thing you saw in your regular phone Name, proxy, APN, Port, etc fill in the details that you wrote on paper and save.

Now run your browser, I guess it will work fine now.
Also set up your GPRS settings also because without it your internet based apps won't run on mobile internet.

Now you are ready to enjoy the wonderful world of Android phones


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